Guide to Jaw Filler Injections that sharpen your Jaw

The Jawline Filler treatment is for both men and women to create a contoured jawline that frames and sharpens the jaw.

Is your Jaw starting to show signs of ageing?

A visual sign of ageing is a sagging jawline. There are non-invasive treatments that can lift and tighten up the jawline and restore a youthful, sharp appearance. Replacing any jaw volume that has been lost will lift the neck and jaw enough to make a huge visual difference. For this treatment, high-quality dermal gel fillers work best for achieving volume and improving the appearance of a sagging jawline.

The injection of dermal fillers is used to sharpen, sculpt and reshape the jaw, creating balance and symmetry to frame the face.

Using dermal fillers to shape, define, and enhance the lower facial contours also has the added benefit of decreasing the appearance of loose skin and the appearance of a double chin (especially when combined with a chin sculpting procedure).

The Jawline Filler treatment can help both men and women to create a contoured jawline that frames the face to obtain a more masculine or feminine jawline, respectively.

While some people are naturally born with a jawline they're not happy with, in the majority of people the jawline appearance is affected by the ageing process, mainly in two ways.

  1. A loss of fat tissue often causes two divots to form along the jawline, known as the pre-jowl sulcus, this tissue accentuates the appearance of jowls.
  2. As the skin loses elasticity and begins to sag, the jawline starts to appear soft and lacking definition. The corners of the mouth also begin to droop, causing ‘marionette lines’, wrinkles that extend into the jawline and creating jowls.

Jaw dermal fillers can also be used in combined with a skin tightening treatment.

In men, this chiselling effect can be more dramatic. For women, depending on their desired facial shape, jawline fillers can achieve an angle that can range from soft to dramatic. Jawline filler results are immediately visible.

Dermal fillers for greater Jaw Definition

Dermal fillers can be the ideal option for people who have a receding or weak jawline. In many cases, this is not an age-related issue, but it can be. More typically, this is genetic, and if surgery is not the right option for the patient, augmentation through injectable fillers can be the desired solution. Dermal fillers have the ability to define, sculpt, and shape the jawline. Depending on the look to be achieved and other factors such as whether the patient is a man or a woman. We may recommend a high quality dermal filler, a collagen-stimulating filler, or even a non-surgical chin filler treatment. All of these techniques have been proven effective at improving the appearance of the ageing or genetically receding or weak jawline.

When it comes to using jawline fillers to correct the signs of ageing, dermal fillers are useful to also help restore collagen and elastin, two substances responsible for maintaining a youthful volume and the skin’s ability to bounce back. This will result in the jawline area appearing both tighter and lifted.

When to consider Jaw Filler

Similarly to how you might plump the lips or cheeks, careful placement of a special, more malleable Dermal Filler along the mandible (the lower jawline) can make remarkable improvements to its appearance.

Doctors will use geometry to chisel you the jawline of dreams. Based on the natural dimensions and contours of the face, it is then possible to create subtle jawline protrusion, adding volume where necessary to fashion a distinct profile worthy of any glossy magazine cover.

Picture of Jaw filler being injected

A sharpened jawline

All Jawline Filler is tailored to your desired look and can provide outstanding visible results. In addition to creating the most enviably defined jawline around, filler in this area can: add tightness to any lax skin which may be ageing or affecting your profile, create shape where there is no natural definition, correct asymmetry, restore proportion to the face, re-plump the lower face following drastic weight-loss and even remove tension on visible jowls.

Longevity of Jaw filler

Patients can expect to see the benefits of Jawline Filler for up to one full year after treatment, of course, these results can be extended with regular top-ups. Individual results vary, but hyaluronic acid filler may last up to two years.

There are a few things you can do to help maintain the life of jaw filler. These include:

  • avoiding UV light and protecting your skin from the sun by wearing sunscreen
  • keeping your skin hydrated by drinking heaps of water
  • moisturizing your skin regularly
  • reducing stress
  • eating a healthy diet

The side effects with jaw filler

Some minor redness and/or swelling is to be expected following Jawline Filler, yet nothing that could not be disguised by the strategic placement of hair if necessary. Some patients may also experience some minor tenderness, or see minor bumps forming in the treated area. This typically will correct itself over the course of the next few days. Patients are also typically advised to avoid putting makeup directly onto the injection sites for the first 24 hours as a safety measure.

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