Russian Lips

Russian Lips Dermal Filler Treatment

The Russian lips technique has taken the world by storm. In Australia, we're have recently caught onto this beauty and sexy lip look. At Mapp Injectables our cosmetic injector has been trained in this unique injecting technique and has significant experience in achieving amazing results.

The Russian lip look is sexy & contemporary. It focuses away from your typical overdone and overfilled lip look. With Russian lips we focus on Lift, Volume & Shape (LSV).

We're one of Sydney's leading cosmetic injectables clinic that achieves the Russian lips look. We have customers who fly from across Australia to see us for this technique. Why not contact us today for more information.

Front view of Russian lips. Lift, Shape and Volume (LSV)
Russian lips by Australias best russian lip injector
Russian lips method by Mapp Injectables

Left/Right Side of Russian lips by Mapp Injectables
Can I Achieve Russian Lips If I Have Filler In My Lips Already?

The Russian Lip Technique requires no filler in your lips especially around the border of the lip, so for the technique to be injected correctly and the results to be amazing you will need to wait until your lips a dissolved of any previous lip filler.

Am I Suitable For Russian Lips?

At Mapp Injectables we focus on quality injecting. The best lips to work on are the lips that has not previously been touched, however, if you do have previous product in the lip carried out by us, or a clinic elsewhere then this will have to be removed by dissolving prior to your appointment. You will need to wait 4 weeks if you have dissolved your lip filler before we can refill. The other option is to wait until your existing lip filler has naturally broken down and dissolved.

Does Russian Lip Filler Last The Same As Natural Lip Filler?

The filler treatment lasts the same amount of time that your standard lip fillers, it is not the dermal filler product that is different it is the injecting technique.

How Much Does Russian Lips Cost?

Please see our Pricelist page for our treatment menu and pricing.

Want to see before and after photos of our Russian lip filler results, click here.

Russian lips front view of our shape outcome
All Angles of Russian Lip Filler results.Note: no previous filler was in the lips when our clinic injected them.
Close up image of the shape achieved with Russian lips.
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