Jaw Filler

Jaw filler aka Jawline contouring - Dermal Filler Treatment

Your jaw and jawline is an important area of your face. A weak or receding chin traditionally upsets the balance of your face, detracting from its shape and balance. Using dermal filler you can correct the appearance of their jawline by receiving injectable fillers. Like non-invasive treatments for chin dimples, the use of dermal fillers only takes 15 to 30 minutes to treat, with no recovery time.

The use of numbing cream to the chin area to prevent discomfort is applied, and the injector then marks out the precise injection points. Dermal filler is then injected into your chin, to plump up weak jawline and give it a more pleasing shape.

After the treatment, you may experience minor redness, swelling or bruising, which should diminish within two weeks.

Jaw Dermal Filler Injections - Before and After Results

Our Jawline Filler treatment can help both men and women to create a contoured jawline that frames the face to obtain a more masculine or feminine jawline, respectively. Dermal fillers are used to fill in the lines, add volume where it has been lost, create a lifting effect, and camouflage the look of jowls with strategically placed filler.

When it comes to using jawline fillers to correct the signs of ageing, dermal fillers are useful to also help restore collagen and elastin, two substances responsible for maintaining a youthful volume and the skin’s ability to bounce back. This will result in the jawline area appearing both tighter and lifted.

Mens Jawline Filler

Jaw filler as known as jawline filler is popular in men. Many times men would love to have slimmed or looking more chiselled. Contouring a man’s jaw using fillers involves creating angles and straight lines to enhance the patient’s bone structure, whereas for a woman it means creating more gentle, feminine curves. Many celebrities and Hollywood actors have the perfect Jawline that set the benchmark for what men would like to achieve.

In men, this chiselling effect can be more dramatic. For women, depending on their desired facial shape, jawline fillers can achieve an angle that can range from soft to dramatic.

What involved in Jaw filler injections?

Typically jawline filler takes around 45-60 minutes from start to finish. We inject premium quality dermal filler in specific area's to achieve the result you would like to achieve.

Jaw filler is administered through a series of small injections across specific points of the face. Injections are typically not painful, although some people may experience mild levels of discomfort as you would with any injection or a prick to the skin. A topical numbing  cream can be applied to help reduce sensation in the jaw.

Jawline Filler Results

The application of dermal fillers is used to effectively sculpt and reshape the jaw, creating balance and symmetry to frame the face. Jawline filler results are immediately visible.

Individual results vary, but dermal filler may last up to six to nine months but longevity does rely on a number of factors such as the following:

  • avoiding UV light and protecting your skin from the sun by wearing sunscreen
  • drinking lots of water to keep your skin hydrated
  • eating a healthy diet
  • reducing stress

Side effects

In general, fillers are considered very safe for most people. However, as with any treatments that involve injections, so may experience a few temporary side effects such as swelling, bruising, redness, tenderness, itching and sensitivity at the point of application for a few days after the procedure.

Any swelling should subside within 48 hours and bruising can be easily concealed using makeup.

Always try and avoid exercise for 24 hours after the procedure to minimise swelling. After this time, it will take approximately two weeks for the results to settle.

Facial Sculpting

Dermal fillers can be used sculpt the jawline and chin by placing the solutions in bony areas instead of on surface skin. This type of facial sculpting works for individuals who want a more defined face and sculpted jawline without implants or cosmetic surgery.

For a in-depth information on jaw filler, visit our Guide to Jaw Filler page.

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