Brow Lift (AKA Eyebrow Lift)

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

What is a Bow Lift?

A brow lift, also known as an eyebrow lift, forehead rejuvenation or forehead lift is a cosmetic injectables procedure to raise the brows. A brow lift dramatically improves the appearance of the brow, forehead and the area around the eyes by raising the soft tissue and skin of the forehead and brow.

A brow lift is typically performed with other facial rejuvenating treatments such as a forehead anti-wrinkle treatment.

If your brow is low, sagging and/or not symmetrical, you'd be an ideal candidate for bow lift treatment.

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I'm interested in a brow-lift, give me more information.

The brow-lift is becoming a very popular treatment because it corrects the signs of ageing, in which forehead creases and the sagging of the brow has caused a worn-out or aged look.

This can also occur in younger patients, leading to sagging of the eyebrow/eyelid complex giving a tired, concerning appearance. By sagging the eyelids, it can also make the upper-lid skin appear hooded, giving the impression of excess skin. The contour of the brow also changes with loss of its natural arc.

Lifting of the brow and forehead not only raises the brow and enhances the eye area, but also restores the youthful shape to the browline.

The Difference of a non-surgical brow-lift and having surgery.

Having brow lift surgery is the only way to treat moderate-to-severe ageing in the forehead and brow areas in a natural and lasting manner. Whilst surgery is fairly intense and substantial process you maybe not be either ready or wanting to go down this path. A more mild-to-moderate brow lift, may be able to achieve excellent results with a non-surgical brow lift. By performing a series injection procedures a non-surgical brow lift in the office setting, and with minimal downtime.

What are the benefits of a non-surgical Brow Lift?

Non-surgical brow lift treatments aim to:

  • Lift sagging brow
  • Rejuvenate the facial area
  • Smooth and tighten forehead skin
  • Raise eyebrows to give the face a refreshed appearance
  • Restore symmetry

Who is suitable for a Brow Lift?

If the following characteristics apply to you then you'd be suitable for a brow lift:

  • Sagging brow
  • Drooping eyebrows
  • Fine brow lines & forehead wrinkles
  • Asymmetrical brow region
  • Loose elastic skin in the brow and forehead area

What products are used in non -surgical techniques for a Brow Lift?

The most popular non-surgical technique is a injectable technique of anti-wrinkle product:

  • Injectables work to reduce the lines and wrinkles and reduce the pull of muscles bringing the eyebrow downwards. Fillers can be used to plump out areas and provide additional volume

What is the Recovery like After a Non-Surgical Brow Lift?

Receiving a non-surgical brow lift is relatively painless and can easily be performed during your lunch break with little to no associated downtime. This minimally invasive treatment generate some amount of brow lift and rejuvenation for patients with smaller amounts of brow droop or for those who do not desire to have surgery.

What is the cost of a Non-Surgical Brow Lift?

Post a thorough consultation assessment of your brow area, we provide cost information for a non-surgical brow lift.

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