Frequently Asked Questions

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Are Dermal Fillers Painful?
Depending on the area we can apply a lite numbing cream to make the injection process as pain-free as possible. Each patient has a different pain tolerance; however, some fillers are now made with numbing additions. This gives the patient even more anaesthesia for a more comfortable treatment. (results may vary).

How Can I Bring Back The Youthful Appearance To My Cheeks?
By injecting dermal fillers to decrease the appearance of the marionette lines that form as we age we can restore a youthful look to the face and smile. An added bonus is that it also promotes collagen build-up giving you a fresh younger appearance.

Who Is A Potential Candidate For Dermal Fillers?
If the toll ageing frustrates you and sun exposure has taken on your facial features, it’s time to be proactive and make a change. If you are seeking a non-surgical way to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles and ageing signs, or if you’d like to see more volume in your lips you may be an excellent candidate for soft tissue fillers.

How Do I Plump Up My Lips Without Surgery?
Using premium quality dermal fillers to enhance lip volume, shape and appearance. By giving more volume to the thinner lip this evens out lips and makes them more appealing. It is a simple and quick treatment that leaves you looking extremely sexy!

How Will I Look After Treatment?
Most people may experience temporary swelling or redness at the areas of injection. These will fade quickly and can be covered with makeup. Results can be seen immediately, but some patients may require follow-up visits to ensure long-lasting results. This can be discussed during the consultation.

How Can I Get More Definition In Cheeks?
By injecting to decrease the appearance of the marionette lines that form as we age we can restore a youthful look to the face and smile. At Mapp Injectables we're experienced in delivering you a natural-looking defined cheeks.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections Questions

Is Anti-Wrinkle Injections Safe?
Because Anti-wrinkle products a widely used for many other medical reasons, such as migraine headaches, uncontrolled blinking, cross eyes, excessive sweating, urinary incontinence, muscle spasms, and more, it is very highly studied, and completely safe.

Can I Be Allergic To Anti-Wrinkle Product?
In very rare cases people are allergic to the anti-wrinkle product we use. Allergy in the form of a rash, hives, and swelling, or the potential for the effects of anti-wrinkle injections to spread to other areas and cause all over muscle weakness could occur. We encourage you to read through the important safety information. prior to your injection or ask as many questions during the consultation to ensure you feel comfortable.

I Don't Want To Look Frozen In The Face?
Absolutely, Anti-wrinkle treatment can be used in moderation to soften expression lines or more heavy-handedly to completely freeze the muscle. All Mapp Injectables clients have a different opinion as to what they prefer. You are an active participant in deciding what’s best for you. If it is your first time trying neurotoxin we recommend starting on the more conservative side as it is easier to add more product then to take it away.

Can Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Be Used For Lips?
Unlike dermal filler that is used in the lips to enhance their volume, anti-wrinkle can be used around the upper and lower lip to reduce pursing, such as the motion you make to sip out of a straw or blow a whistle, therefore helping to soften and correct “smokers lines”.

Do I Need To Top Up Anti-Wrinkle Injections Regularly?
For correction of lines and wrinkles, it is recommended to continue anti-wrinkle injection treatments on a regular basis, approximately every three to five months. Because the cell memory will always persist under the skin, static lines and wrinkles can return once you have discontinued injections.
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