Smile Lines / Nasolabial Folds

Nasolabial Folds aka Smile Lines

What a Smile Lines

Smile lines also known as nasolabial folds are lines present on either side of the mouth (note: some people also call these lip-cheek grooves). Whilst sometimes these lines are only noticeable when your smile often you may find yourself with deep smile lines when you face is rested and not smiling. The folds are made of dense bundles of fibrous tissue and muscles. As we age these lines become more visible and may effect your self confidence. Luckily there is non surgical treatment using dermal fillers.

Nasolabial folds filler result
Nasolabial Folds - Before and After Results

One of the most visible facial areas that concerns many people is nasolabial folds. These folds develop as the cheek tissue from above ages and begins to sag, falling over its border with the upper lip. The upper lip is fixed so the overhanging cheek tissue creates the appearance of a deepening fold. With time, aging, and the anatomy of one’s face, this nasolabial fold extends south past the corner of the mouth and sometimes nearing the lower border of the jaw in extreme cases of skin laxity.This area is commonly treated by injectable fillers and in my practice as many patients wants their nasolabial folds treated as they want their lips enlarged.

Example of Smile Lines / Nasolabial Folds prior to treatment

The most common method for nasolabial fold reduction is with quality injectable fillers. Like all filling treatments by injection, the results from nasolabial fold filler procedure is quick, easy to do, and the results are immediate. While all of the injectable fillers may work, using a higher quality brand of filler will provide a better result for this area than others.

Filler Injection Point for Smile Lines

Nasolabial Folds Filler

Cosmetic Injectors apply dermal fillers just under the skin in the nasolabial fold area or the upper cheek area to give the cheeks a lift, making the nasolabial folds visible. It's important to remember that fillers will not make nasolabial folds disappear completely, but will make them less pronounced. As the skin becomes saggy and thinner, many people find that their nasolabial folds become more noticeable. Nasolabial folds are a normal part of the face and as they deepen over time and as a result of smiling, there is no medical need to treat them. Filler treatment is always a cosmetic and confidence choice to give your face a more youthful look.


There is no method for preventing nasolabial folds — even children have them when they smile.

Those who would like to prevent them from getting deeper or more pronounced should wear sunscreen and protect their face from the sun. This can slow the damage of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

There is no other research-supported method for preventing nasolabial folds.

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