Smokers Lines

Smoker's Lines also know as lipstick lines are vertical lip lines that develop over time.

What a smokers lines?

Smokers lines also know as lipstick lines are found on the top and sometimes the bottom lip. They are often referred to as smoker’s lines but have no direct relationship with people who aren't cigarette smokers. The lines are exaggerated by the actions of smoking, However, anyone who shapes their lips into a pout will have the same effect.

Smokers line non-surgical treatment

Treatment for Smokers Lines

Many people today a researching the appearance of smokers lines. These stubborn and sometimes deep wrinkles are caused by a variety of factors, including age, genetics, repetitive lifestyle habits, and in some clients, smoking. Smoker’s Lines are straight lines on the upper lip, going from the end of the lip and towards the nose.

These lines are normally slightly tilted outwards and can cause many clients to feel insecure in their facial appearance. The key to the severity of the lines is proportional to the frequency and number of times the shape is made during a lifetime.

Why do you have Smoker’s Lines?

Smoker lines can appear in those that do not smoke, this can be upsetting for those that do not smoke and who develop vertical lines around the mouth.

Smoker’s Lines are vertical lip lines that develop over time, caused by repetitive facial expressions, the natural ageing process and smoking. These lines run from the top lip towards the nose, starting off as fine lines which can become deeper over time.

Smoker lines can make many people feel self-conscious and concerned about the way they look as the mouth is the focal point to the face.

Yes, Smoking does cause Smokers Line?

Smoking promotes the development of vertical lip lines, due to the repetitive action of sucking on the cigarette. Toxins within cigarettes break down the collagen and restricts blood flow and decreases oxygen to the skin’s surface, resulting in the acceleration of the ageing process.

What causes Smoker’s Lines?

Smoker lines are caused by the natural ageing process, as collagen and elastin decrease the formation of wrinkles and lines are formed. These lines can be hereditary, for example, if your parents have/had vertical lip lines, then it is likely that you will also develop them. When lipstick is applied it can bleed into the lines and actually highlight the problem.

Other factors that can cause smokers lines include:

  • Drinking from a straw
  • Drinking from a bottle
  • Pouting / smiling
  • playing musical instruments
  • Diet and lifestyle

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