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The difference between 1ml of thin, med and thick lip filler?

Why Use This Filler?

It will Last?


- Natural definition to the upper lip border for a subtle lip shape

- Natural volume to the lips. 
Provides ‘Hydration’ to the lips and helps with dry and cracking lips

- Perfect for those first time lip filler clients who are hesitant with change and don’t want a dramatic difference to their lips.

For info on half ml (0.5ml) lip filler visit this page.
3 - 5 months
Thin or soft lip filler before and after
- Perfect for Russian Lips*

- Focuses on upper lip lift, shape and volume (LSV). 

- For e.g. if you want a cupid's bow shape (also known as heart shaped lips) while adding a perfect amount of volume.

- Lushes everyday lips that look perfectly plump, shaped and hydrated.

- Can be layered to create larger shaped lips 4 weeks after filler injection.

*(if you have no prior filler in your lips)
3 - 7 months
Medium lip filler before and after
- We like to call this the “Bigger & Bolder Filler”

- If you want volume for your lips this is the filler to go for^

- Less focus on shape. More on projection and fullness.

^Can only be used for clients who have larger natural lips as this filler require lip tissue to be expanded, it is not suitable for smaller thin lips.
8 - 12 months
Thick lip filler before and after

Type of Filler

One of the most common inquiries we get is “What is the difference between 1ml of thin, med and thick lip filler”.

The answer while straight forward in definition would still require a consultation with a professional injector. Choosing the right filler for you and your goals requires an in person assessment. Your lips need to be assessed for elasticity, shape, symmetry and if applicable the quality of any previous lip filler before any definitive recommendation could be made in regards to which filler to be used.

Some additional common questions asked which apply to all types of filler are:

Can I inject more than 1ml of lip filler?

Only 1ml of lip filler is able to be injected per session.

How long before I can inject more lip filler?

You can inject another 1ml of lip filler 4 weeks post treatment.

Why does my lip filler not last as expected?

Lip filler is made from naturally occurring compounded sugar. Most likely your body is breaking down the filler quicker due to your fast metabolism. If you're on medication this can play a role in the filler breaking down quicker. Certain skin treatments which use lasers and heat can also affect longevity.

Other factors for your filler breaking down faster is smoking, heavy exercise and stress. Regular treatments can help bind the fillers together making the filler longer lasting and keeping drinking plenty of water also support longer lasting filler.
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