Bio Re-modelling Treatment

Bio remodelling is a fantastic anti-ageing hydration treatment that differs from other injectable treatments.

Is Bio Remodelling treatment worth it?

It is a ground-breaking bio-remodelling injectable treatment that helps redefine and hydrate your skin. It has one of the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid on the market today.

During the 30 days following the 1st Bio Remodelling treatment, your skin tissues remodelling process occurs. The hyaluronic acid deeply hydrates your tissues. During this time the stimulation of four different types of collagen and elastin takes place by slow release of hyaluronic acid.

The simulation results in significant tissue improvement. Under your skin the following is taking place?

  1. Better quality elastin is stimulated
  2. 4 types of collagen are stimulated
  3. The fatty layer of your skin is regenerated

The result of this two-part treatment is a significant tissue improvement in skin laxity and quality, improved tissue hydration and firmness, and smoothing and tightening of your skin.

How does the Bio Remodelling treatment work?

Bio remodelling is a fantastic anti-ageing hydration treatment that differs from other injectable treatments.

Before the Profhilo treatment, we always begin with assessing your skin and skin type with a consultation with one of our nurse injectors in order to best cater to your specific skincare needs, this allows us to customise treatments so we can help you achieve your specific skincare goals.

Once these areas have been injected the product spreads underneath the skin surface allowing us to target the whole face instead of singular locations, this provides us with a gentle reshaping and intense moisturising of the skin. Because once it is injected hyaluronic acid is slowly released and its role is to stimulate collagen and elastin production takes place. Once it has encouraged the production of collagen and elastin the skin will begin to regain its firmness and natural radiance.

This treatment works at targeting the quality of your skin health from deep within the dermis providing you with long-lasting results.

Treatment Summary

# of treatments
Usually a 2-part treatment process with 30 days between sessions. Your practitioner may recommend a 3-part process rather than a 2-part process upon assessment; this is usual in cases of more advanced skin ageing.

Treatment time
Usually 30 minutes.

Discomfort level (Pain)
Very mild.

Recovery time
Very little evidence that procedure has taken place, skin is usually recovered within a few hours. As with all injectable treatment there is a risk of bruising at the site of injection.

Final results
Some changes can be noticed after 1st treatment however, best results will be seen after your second treatment. Maintenance can be approximately every 6 - 8 months.

Duration of results
Approximately 6 -8 months depending on the level of correction needed.

Resume usual activities
Immediately for most activities. Avoid swimming for 48 hours and extreme temperatures for 7 days. Avoid massaging the area treated for 24 hours. Full aftercare will be provided prior to treatment.

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